Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Portable pretty

I spent a lovely couple of hours in the shade on Sunday planting some fancy in the garden. 
This will eventually be a pretty border. Once we've had the driveway installed. Until then, we've agreed that there is no point planting anything beautiful because it will ultimately get ruined - remember the poppy story? Builders and their big boots care not for beloved blooms.

So, whilst the planning permission goes through the various hoops that it must hop, we've improvised. We couldn't stay away from the garden centre for that long.
Salvia Caradonna, Dahlia Happy Single Romeo and crocosmia (unknown - from our last home). Our local garden centre had some great deals on. The planters were a wedding present from Mr and Mrs R and won't last much longer, hence the plastic inner, but I think they work.

Now - do you remember the cockchafer story? Well - I dug up two grubs in this patch - they really are disgusting. Judging by the woodpecker holes in the lawn, I think the front garden is pretty much riddled. Yuckity yuck.

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