Sunday, 4 August 2013

London-Surrey 100

Just like last year, the police bikes with their lights and sirens announced that the riders were on their way. The setting was further down the A3 for us this year - not quite Kingston Bridge or with a backdrop of Hampton Court Palace. We grabbed lunch in a local deli and dashed outside just in time to catch the main pack as they zoomed past. And zoom they did. Thirty seconds later and they were long gone - the support vehicles flew past and then it was time for an ice cream and an amble home. We bumped into some friends on the way and had a lovely impromptu catch up - a quick kick about with their 5 year old, a leisurely pint at the local pub and then back to theirs for a glass of fizz on the balcony. Often the best times are had when they're least expected. The same happened yesterday when The B's popped in for a cup of tea on their way home from picking up a mid-century eBay bargain. A couple of hours later and we'd managed to rustle up something dinner, drunk some delightful rose, and put the world to rights. Happy days.

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  1. Sounds like a great Sunday. I love those unexpected, unplanned lovely days. I was glued to the tv all yesterday afternoon - having been to see the men's and women's races last year. It still amazes me just how fast they actually are. If we all travelled around London like that we'd have so much extra time! x