Sunday, 20 October 2013

The lovely chair

Hello - goodness, a week without broadband - what's a girl to do? Well, watch a bit of telly - The Great British Bake Off, and Jamie, and Hugh, and Tom. And read. Sometimes on the lovely chair. It quietly sits in the bedroom, locked away from Miss P who has taken issue with the buttons. This was the first armchair that Mr M sat on without pulling a face. Before he could ask how much, I was at the till placing my order. It really is very comfortable. From Oliver Bonas, it comes in a rainbow of colours. Ours is cotton, but they also come in velvet...

Now - I feel I must explain the random scraps of carpet underneath the lovely chair. The pink runs up the stairs and throughout the top floor. It used to be in both bathrooms. (Remember this?) It will go. Eventually. For now, we have the beige to cover up the nasty bits that we don't want to walk on and we generally ignore it. Miss P has helpfully clawed away at the seam under the bedroom door to get us started. It's going to stay in the master bedroom until we get the toilet cupboard done. And goodness only knows when that will be!


  1. was wrong of you to give that tempting link...I think I want me a Love Tub