Wednesday, 16 April 2014


I didn't make it to the gym on Sunday - choosing instead to embark on a brisk 20 minute walk to the station to pick up my car with the sun high overhead. As I walked, I could feel my limbs unfurl with every stride. And I realised that I don't spend much time outside. Barely any time during the week - 30 minutes max if I'm honest. Which is why I gulp up the air subconsciously on the weekend.
I then spent a couple of hours in the garden removing the wheat grass field that had sprung up under the bird feeders. There's something quite satisfying about clearing a bed - preparing for new. This is our second Spring here. We're starting to get the measure of things. The apple trees and the bed beneath get dappled sun at best for a few hours each morning before being plunged into full shade. As a result, geranium, snowdrops, ferns, bluebells and hellebore do incredibly well. Traditional woodland ground cover - with the exception of the very keen Californian poppies which are slightly out of control, having been left to seed for goodness knows who long, and that awful sticky weed with teensy flowers. 


  1. I truly enjoyed reading your blog! I`m going to buy the Porter magazine!
    It sounds right at my street! :0)

  2. I would take the outdoors over the gym any time. They say the body craves what it needs and you clearly needed that walk and the outside air. I am glad you are getting to know your garden, I can only wish to know anything about any garden. I am useless. I really need to learn, but I really think that I will fail anyway. I love bluebells and look forward to seeing your garden grow through the year xxx

  3. I know exactly what you mean, I never get enough fresh air, I seem to spend most of my time indoors or in the car, I have made a concerted effort just lately to go out and walk more - I'm trying!

  4. I been wanting to start jogging... but unfortunately my 16 years old lost my trainers! :( Will have to wait till pay day... haha I love looking at your beautiful photos! :)) <3