Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Honestly - we're almost there with Chelsea

This was one of my favourite gardens at Chelsea - The Night Sky Garden by the Rich brothers. I thought it was delightful - lots of different spots to sit in, beautiful water basins catching the clouds as they streaked across the sky. One of the few big show gardens which you could envisage working in any garden however large or small.
It also attracted one Mr Julian Clary and his mother. I thought the beebs mini series of stars and their mothers at Chelsea was really quite sweet. The cactus moment was rather funny.
Next door - the Help for Heroes garden with Chris Beardshaw and lots of foxgloves.
It was a huge crowd puller - in part for the filming, but mostly for the press coverage which created such an incredible buzz around the exhibit.
Honestly, I think there can only be two more posts left to go. Maybe three. I can't believe it was only last week. It feels like a lifetime ago.

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