Tuesday, 3 June 2014

and then it was June

Whoosh. We're half way through the year. Gosh. A week or so until I'm a little bit older. Three weeks until the longest day. Planning for Florence - Alice, Rebecca and Elizabeth, thank you so much for your wonderful suggestions. Do we think I should read Dan Brown's Inferno for ambience? Amusingly trying to learn Italian on the train whilst juggling my work blackberry. If you spot someone talking to themselves whilst wielding a green DK Italian tome, that would be me…Marvelling at the salad leaves that have already bolted. Spending time with a content Miss P who is rather enjoying her domain. Eating Mr M's bread - so lovely to have the smell of freshly baked bread in the house again. Admiring nature's desire to climb - beans, wisteria and sweet peas are romping away, and the fledglings have taken flight hopping and fluttering higher and higher. We're waiting with baited breath for the little Great Tits to make an appearance - we've spotted Mr and Mrs popping in and out of the old nesting box high up on the garage with lots of grubs.

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  1. Have you tried learning Italian using the DuoLingo app? It's fantastic, and free! We both use it in our house and find it really works and it's nicely portable for a commute. Looking forward to the posts about your trip to Florence. We won't make it there this year and I always miss it when we don't get a chance to stop in.