Sunday, 6 July 2014


Goodness, I feel a little like a hamster. Work, dinner, bed, work, dinner, bed. It's not very conducive to the life bit. But it does in part explain the sporadic blogging - I have a backlog of posts, so much to write about Florence.

So, a super quick round up of the week just gone by - 
We've started making a huge cous cous salad each Sunday evening for the week - lunches and dinner. Super easy, cheap dinner cheat
Currently listening to Ed Sherran's new album X
Having fun with a dash of RSI and a strapped up wrist
Loving blue nail varnish - Loafer Love For You by Rimmel
Finished Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie - just brilliant
Started Inferno by Dan Brown - jury is out currently, huge font type
I went to an aqua class
Met Jung Chang, author of Wild Swans - humbling
Potted on scabious and frothy things, and relocated some teeny sedum and house leeks in advance of the wall renovations
I set up a twitter account @thedomesticnov - requires a new phone!
Picked sweet peas every other day for my beautiful new vase
Had five hours of heart in mouth sport today - first the British Grand Prix and then the tennis
Ignored the clean washing that needs folding and put away
Enjoyed eating beans and little yellow squash grown in our own little garden
Had a week off chocolate, cake and biscuits - I survived

Normal service will resume this week. Hope you had a lovely weekend. 

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