Thursday, 17 July 2014

Digging for our kitchen

Week two of the build and the foundations of our kitchen extension have been dug, filled with concrete (with no Pickle footprints) and when I came home this evening - we had the beginnings of a wall.
This whole thing is so darn exciting. Granted it is merely a 2 metre extension of the current kitchen but boy, are you going to love the before and after shots. So far, the boys have installed a drainage system around the back and side of the house (remember the floods in January?), knocked down half of the front wall, and busied themselves with the kitchen itself. We measured out just how big our glass ceiling is going to be this evening - HUGE - and that the blinds are going to have to be in-frame as there will be a cats whisker between the wall cabinets and the edge of the window frame - but that's fine. Haven't a clue about lighting but am sure we'll work something out. The kitchen has been ordered following the CAD designs and we're popping to the shop at the weekend to finalise a few bits and bobs. Just need to sort flooring, tiles, appliances, lighting and carpentry. Miss P is non-plussed. She thoroughly enjoyed her trench - not so much the person size kitchen trench which Mr M insisted on getting in and having a photo taken to mark the occasion, definitely didn't like the concrete truck yesterday, but is rather enjoying hopping over the walls - thankyouverymuch.
And because she is a one for small spaces - where better to hunker down than between the skip, pallets and insulation. This did prove her downfall when eager Dodger passed by. Dodger being a very keen 6 month old terrier cross who is allowed to walk/run/bunny hop along the road without his lead on. He was a little too eager to meet Miss P with excited barking and a small desire to chase. Miss P hardly helped things by lying on the path - such an antagonist.

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  1. Oh it's so exciting! I'm dreaming of a glass roofed kitchen extension for our home, can't wait to see the progress shots and of course the "after".