Monday, 18 August 2014

We're watertight!

I had to go to work today and leave the builders to it. I knew that they had the skylight installation on the list but wasn't too sure whether they'd been hampered by the rain showers this afternoon. So it was all rather exciting to pull up outside and see the blue tarp gone and the tiles on - which meant the glass was in! What a relief - pure man power to get that pup up - 100 kgs of toughened glass. And, touch wood, no drips on the ground which means we're watertight. The windows are hopefully being delivered on Friday. Then it's rendering and plaster. Four weeks until the new kitchen is installed - which feels so very, very far away, but goodness have we got lots to organise before then - door knobs, light fittings, blinds, furniture, dishwasher and washing machine. I think I need a sit down with a pile of same-y house magazines - thank heavens we've moved on from 'everyone wants a coastal theme' August and have entered the russet autumnal colours of September - apparently we all need a fox or an owl on a cushion...

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