Thursday, 25 September 2014

A final hint of purple

It's been a tad quiet on the blog of late. Living in chaos and the onset of Autumn seems to have pushed me deep into the folds of the sofa, eating copious amounts of chocolate and wasting hours flicking through pinterest, instagram, twitter, blogs, websites - a visual overload - anything to procrastinate from the 'do' and from completing my current book. To restore productivity, I've quietly turned to my crochet project from two years ago - it took a couple of false starts, some unravelling, YouTube films and guidance, but I've finally got the hang of it. I thought it would put strain on my poorly wrist, but it's been fine. I'm down to my last few balls and it is definitely more handkerchief than blanket in size, but goodness - it's great to be making again.

These blooms are the final purple hooray in the garden - despite being trampled on, covered in all types of dust and grot, they have quietly persevered. The scabious were grown from seed and have flowered despite the neglect on my part. The chives were a sad shop bought pot past its best that were stuck outside 18 months ago and have thrived. And the sweet peas survived the storms and aphids, continuing to bloom despite me forgetting to keep up the cut and come again method.

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