Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Persephone, pictures, paving and paint

It's all go over here - I've finally joined Instagram (@thedomesticnovice), my first Persephone parcel* arrived, the paths have been laid, our wall rebuilt and the gate hung, the kitchen floor and units are in and I now have two delectable weeks at home. The worktop arrives tomorrow and then it's just the final touches - electrician, lights, paintwork, appliances and a jolly good clean up. I say final touches…another two weeks worth. There's a lot of painting on the cards. The exterior of the extension needs to be done, the kitchen walls need another coat to get rid of grubby knocks and finally our front door is getting some TLC.  The pale lemon posset colour is the current hue - and the underneath of the letterbox is clearly the original. Which I'm rather pleased about because we've gone for Babouche from Farrow & Ball. I'm amused that it's named after a heelless slipper, but it does sound wonderfully exotic and if you google the paint, there's almost a cult following. The door will certainly liven up the road. And it might find its way onto a chair. You never know.

Now I must dash - I have an afternoon of tea supping, scone scoffing and Madame Laski ahead of me.

*I was a very lucky birthday girl back in the Summer when Mr & Mrs M Senior organised a 12 month subscription. Took forever to get my list down to 12, but I finally managed it - mostly fiction, with a smattering of cookery. And for those Persephone lovers - they've got a competition - more here.

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  1. The Persephone subscription is such a wonderful gift! I remember this one as being quite a harrowing one. Would love to hear which others you've picked. And also very much looking forward to the big kitchen reveal! xx