Monday, 20 October 2014


October has simply whizzed by. Weekends have been spent reacquainting ourselves with family and friends as we show off the kitchen, the gym has been ignored, the snood has been finished but I need to find a tapestry needle (and we do live in a haystack), the wallpaper has been delivered (and parked) and I've spent far too much of my time on Instagram and twitter.  Miss P has discovered her official cupboard and offered two mice to say thanks, she does not however thank the spaniel that lolloped into the garden or the big, brown bear-cat who has been sniffing about. I have been enjoying the slow pace of home, a joyous antidote to work. And it really does now feel like home. Breakfast each morning at the table as the sun rises gently lighting the room. Steaming coffee, weekend newspapers, evening discussions. It's all how it should be.

The before and after will be shared soon, I promise - we've still got things to finish - blinds, splashback, noticeboard, the final coat of paint. Furniture proper will have to wait.

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