Sunday, 23 November 2014

Long time no see

Hello - how are you? Where has the last month gone? There have been work things - Grayson Perry at The National Portrait Gallery, a quick jaunt to The Arts Club on Dover Street, long days, late nights - and house things - the wall has been planted, the skirting boards are finished, the walls have had their umpteenth coat, the upstand has been restuck (ahem) and the splashback is currently being sprayed with Cornforth White. Once that's in, it's just the larder to be done and for me to make the blinds…oh yes, I'm going to have a go at making two roman blinds. The last time the sewing machine saw daylight was in 2010. And, nope, have never made a roman blind before. No pressure then. We had a jaunt to Shoreditch for the Sister In Law's 40th birthday do which made me feel ancient despite being the youngest in the room. We nipped to Brindisa for supper first (best Spanish omelette we've ever eaten - hands down, and a stonking cava that was up there with a nifty glass of proper bubbles) and cajoled our taxi driver on the way home to stop at the Tower of London to see the poppies before taking us to Waterloo. 

Grayson Perry at The National Portrait Gallery - it's poignant, insightful and free. London dwellers, don't miss out. 
Sue Perkins in the Mekong Valley - catch her on iPlayer. My inner-traveller has thoroughly enjoyed every episode. 
My Persephone subscription - finally finished book one: To Bed with Grand Music by Marghanita Laski, two more waiting in the wings while I finish my current non-Persephone read - The Conjurer's Bird by Martin Davies.
My new work do dress from M&S.
Taylor Swift's 1989 - my commuting soundtrack, love it.  
Re-connecting with friends and family. My sister visited me for lunch in the City which was lovely. We're going to try and do it each time she has holiday - she's a teacher, you know the score. I'm slowly getting back in touch with close friends having been a hermit for a while, and it feels good. 

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  1. We loved the Grayson Perry too! Definitely planning to go back a second time. Also inspired us to make a proper visit to the permanent collection... xx