Monday, 13 April 2015

Weekend digging

We've spent the last couple of weekends digging in the front garden. It's roughly the same size as the back but with deeper beds and greater potential thanks to the enormous amount of sun it gets. Having been left with a clean slate courtesy of the building work last year, we've been itching to get out and start turning a very sad brown patch into a green one. The plants that have gone in already are looking happy and the bees and hoverflies are certainly enjoying them. We now have a path lined with rosemary and lavender to the right. The left side is awaiting the turf and we're toying with the idea of something fun like a step over apple tree run along the path. On Saturday, we bought obelisks for the sweet peas and beans, picking up a couple of Allium Sphaerocephalon as we went along. We returned from Wisley on Sunday with a boot full of sweetpeas, epimedium and ajuga, a sad looking pot promising much riches in the form of a Krinkled White peony and a Tasmanian pepper plant. We potted up our 10ft crab apple (Evereste) - now staked and clamped into its pot until it becomes established - and planted out the latest garden centre haul. The turf will be ordered this week before the miner bees become too established in the bare earth. Once in and happy, we'll finish the borders with bedding plants. I'm thrilled with my sweetpea obelisk - and the very snazzy Twool I bought yonks ago (who I was pleased to see had a super display in the Wisley Plant Centre). Everything seems to be unfurling in the warming sun. And it's National Gardening Week to boot. Hooray for green.

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  1. This lovely weather certainly makes you want to go out and do the garden!