Sunday, 28 February 2016


Growth - the spring bulbs are up, the jasmine is out, the forsythia and chaneomeles are almost in bloom and my bump is getting bigger and squirmier.

Breathing - I've started pregnancy yoga and am learning how to the breathe. Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? I've always known I'm a bit rubbish at doing it properly - I even wear a bracelet engraved with the word 'breathe' - to remind me to breathe when I'm stressed. When the pressure at work is particularly awful, I'll wake up halfway through the night hyperventilating. All very silly - but, I am learning some useful techniques and have already found myself applying it on the commute.

Almost - a word that is becoming a little overused this way. We've almost finished the sitting room, bar the new bookcase being delivered (delayed by 4 weeks - grump), agreeing on the sofa (I'm thinking Ikea's Ektorp given its machine-washable fabulousness and shallow-depth and the fact that in 13 weeks time life will change forever, however Mr M's not keen) and ordering the sideboard for the TV.

Progress - slow, but getting there. The hallway has been stripped. I'm almost there on the never-ending sorting of the front room's contents. The walls are partially stripped and the peculiar headboard has been dismantled. The temptation to get a skip and chuck all our stuff in it is particularly strong right now given that we've pretty much run out of room in the storage unit - the delayed bookcase is really not helping!

Stumped - should we take the ceilings down, who should be brought in first - the plasterer or the electrician, where on earth do people buy flat sheets for deep king size beds from (Any idea? Had no idea it would be such a tricky thing to buy), which pram-travel system thing we should go for, why do I appear incapable of going to bed early, how did I manage to choose such rubbish books from the library (such a disappointment), why did we buy a house that needed so much work? Gah!

And then it was March…and we began to run out of weekends to get everything done.

Right-ho - off to practise that breathing!


  1. *wags finger, looks stern* Don't try and do too much Mrs M - make time to rest and grow that baby.

    I was once given the advice "Interrupt anxiety with gratitude" and it works! I have no idea why but it does. Especially in the middle of the night.

  2. Hi! John Lewis stock deep king size bed sheets, don't know if there's much choice of colour, we have cream ones! Penny L in Dorsetxx

  3. Have just reread your post, I was talking about fitted sheets. I'd suggest super king size sheets. We've got a couple of huge ones, probably also from John Lewis but maybe from TKMaxx!
    While I'm here, do relax and enjoy each other as much as you can these last few months I still worry about my babies (20 and 23!)but have trained myself to counter my what if.....happens, with what if....doesn't happen and everything's fine?It works quite often, and in all the years so far the horrible what ifs haven't happened!!

  4. Sorry, me again! In all the practicalities I forgot to say how lovely it was to discover that you are having a baby!! Wonderful news, congratulations!xxxxxxx