Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Butterflies at Wisley

It was always going to be a steamy affair in the glasshouse at Wisley, but the chill in the air this morning accelerated the fogging up of glasses and cameras on arrival. Our little NCT group decided that butterflies and babies were a match made in heaven, so six of us rocked up with our almost 8 month olds (?!) in baby carriers ready to be dive bombed by butterflies almost too pretty to be believed. It was busy, despite being ticketed, but then it has only just opened. The butterflies were incredible - some, the giant owl butterflies, were the size of saucers, others looked like they'd flown too close to the MAC eyeshadow counter. Quite a few looked as though they'd been in a fight, but were still able to fly and feed despite chunks missing. I'd forgotten how bat-like they are whorling around you as you follow the trail. If you're planning to visit, wear bright clothes and you're in with a chance of being a resting place for one of these beauties, albeit fleeting.


  1. my son favourite things in London zoo was the butterfly tunnel... (I liked the penguins. I'm so predictable)

    1. Oh - London Zoo. The penguin house is such an iconic design. I've always loved the rockhopper penguins - their hops are always so considered!