Sunday, 20 January 2019

The end of a chapter - week 3

If I were a crow, I'd be that one. Over there. Bottom right. I start back in the City tomorrow, albeit only for a short while. It's all a bit up in the air. Oh, motherhood, the curveballs are a joy. The old me would have felt horribly vulnerable, but I'm just excited to see what happens.

My year and a bit with O has both flown by and dragged. I've not achieved half as much as I hoped but am happy to be closing the chapter with new friendships, a bonny boy, a happy family, a new understanding of me and a new outlook. I'm slowly reconnecting - and accepting that my new response level is, well, slow. And that's ok. It's a long overdue gearshift.

That said, I've obviously spent the last week rushing around - trying to cram my maternity leave to do list into 5 days. Success was limited but I did get to spend time with some of my nearest and dearest.

So - tomorrow - I have a love/hate relationship with the grey part of London, because it's just so...grey. There are glorious nuggets which make my heart soar, and then fall when I realise that the majority of those around me haven't looked up from their phone since leaving their desk. So I've bought a new yellow coat to zig against the zag. Do give me a wave if you spot me.