Sunday, 17 February 2019

Even keel - week 7

Back to normal, back to work, running for trains, train delays (because I ran for the train), bumping into friends on the train, catching up with friends at work and wondering why we didn't do it more frequently before, another lunch at the Haymarket Hotel, watching Gruffalo's Child for the umpteenth time but Paddington for the first and then having to explain marmalade multiple times, stealing kisses and snuggles from the eldest and teaching the youngest to kiss and then regretting being on the receiving end of a basking shark with six teeth, eating the leftovers from Mr M's Spanish tapas cookery day which included yummy Octopus, finding time to build the world's heaviest kitchen table with Mr M (83kg of oak and steel #ontrend), finally braving a gym assessment and meeting the nicest personal trainer who actually listened to me, finishing The Cows by Dawn O'Porter and realising I am way more prudish than I thought, drinking too much red wine on Friday night, discovering that A's really quite precise when it comes to stickers, going home for a delightful family lunch and watching my two plink and plonk at my old piano but feeling sad that both sets of grandparents will be piano-less by the end of the year and we still don't have the space, hypothetically searching RightMove with no intention of moving.

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