Sunday, 10 February 2019

Jack Frost - week 5

Jack Frost tippy-toed over our little patch in Surrey - the plants received a light frosting, the birds puffed out their little chests and we had the smallest of snow flurries. Poor A was rather disappointed about the whole affair, whilst O enjoyed eating the few flakes that did manage to settle for longer than five minutes. 

Other than getting our hopes up over the snow, and the snowsuits staying put in the cupboard under the stairs, it was a week of commuting, coffee, oh and a delicious lunch at the Haymarket Hotel. 
The interior is gloriously sumptuous. The pebble installation in the lobby had my hand itching to sneak out and touch it and it was a joy to be submerged in the turquoise sea of the Cole and Son Acquario papered restrooms. To be fair, I fell in love with most of the art peppered about the place. Don't tell Mr M, but I'd like to move in with immediate effect. Or for Kit Kemp to sprinkle her magic over here. The riot of colour honestly made my heart skip a beat. 
That little trip has given me the kick I needed to crack on with sorting out the walls back home. They've been blank since we arrived - initially because we were renovating, then A arrived followed swiftly by O and empty they have remained. 

Our largest space is behind our sofa and I've agonised over whether it should be a single impact picture or a triptych, but have finally come to the conclusion that we should maximise the space and go for a 'gallery' wall. So - first things first, get the bits I do have framed and then work out a plan. I also have a little money put aside to buy something special - which I'd like to include in the space. Decisions, decisions...

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