Thursday 20 January 2022


This pile of soggy swimwear and towels represents progress. So much progress. 

Crippling anxiety stopped me from doing swimming lessons with A when I was pregnant with O. And once I had both of them, I couldn't get my head around the logistics. By the time I'd mustered up enough courage to book them lessons the pandemic hit. 

Today was O's first lesson. The first time he'd been in a swimming pool. I wore my swimsuit underneath just in case I needed to jump in and help. But he was great - and he loved it. The swimming instructor asked if I wanted to hop in and have a quick swim at the same time. I hesitated for the briefest of moments before stripping off. A whole lane to myself. Such a lovely way to spend half an hour - as was the coffee and brownie afterwards. A is booked in for next week. 

And just like that, I get to swim twice a week without trying to squeeze in time for me around the edges and the kids finally get to learn how to swim. What a joy. Next time I'll remember my hairbrush, shampoo, deodorant and moisturiser...

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  1. Well that’s a good result from the swimming lessons! I’m sure it’s going to be motivational for your children too. Seeing Mummy enjoying swimming is surely much like the effect seeing parents enjoying reading books themselves has on children learning to read! So enjoy! PennyL in Dorset