Sunday, 27 January 2008

Hangover cures welcome

Oh my - what an amazing wedding! The venue was divine, the flowers beautiful, the bride stunning and the champagne flowing.
My grand idea of taking lots of photos went completely to pot when I realised that a) my camera really, really doesn't like taking photos inside (see above...I so need to read the manual), b) actually finding the time to take them was nigh on impossible and c) I drank a little more than I had intended to calm the nerves. The venue felt so cosy in spite of its size and the number of guests. The wonderful browns of the wood combined with the stunning orange of the lilies and roses and the warm hue of the little tealights dotted around the rooms was so incredibly Hogwarts it was fabulous.
Add a dash of live music, a splash of the Thames and an incredible view of the London Eye and you really did have the most perfect setting for the most perfect wedding. The food was sensational - smoked salmon with a dill potato salad to start, followed by some exquisite steak (for 200 people!) and the most amazing cake for pud. The wedding cake was from Choccywoccydoodah and was the tastiest piece of chocolate cake that I have ever had - and I have tasted quite a few... It was sensational. When I was planning our wedding, I salivated from afar when flicking through the wedding magazines - and now, having tasted the real thing, I know why everyone raves about them.
I do have one small confession - N happened to be ushing when they brought out the cake and I might have swapped my rather small piece for the rather large piece that he had been given...

So, having spent the day recovering from the night that finished at 2am combined with a potentially torrid black cab journey to lunch on the other side of London with the bride and groom, we are finally home with a bunch of wedding flowers to boot. I have inhaled half a packet of chocolate cookies, nursed a cup of tea and am about to pick up my poor, neglected knitting. Bliss. Oh, and I'm naturally not touching alcohol ever again. Until tomorrow night.

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