Sunday, 3 February 2008

February - what did you do with January?

A lovely, busy weekend spent with friends and family. A trip to the local butcher on Saturday saw N lugging a huge chicken home to roast for my parents today. And boy, was it a great roast. Two lots of stuffing (sage, onion and garlic + watercress, apricot and pistachio), vegetables and gravy. Apple and pear crumble pie (half left - hoorah!) and chocolate souffle cake with armanac prunes (thanks Mum!). Couple of piccies before we start the new week...

1. The wedding flowers are still alive despite being thrown around, crushed in the back of the cab and squashed on the Northern Line home.
Bright colours to brighten up the dark mornings before going to work.
2. Cracking bottle of vino from Waitrose. All in the name of charity... (RSPCA)
Just love the illustration and label on the back
I took the instructions quite literally and having enjoyed a glass, popped back to Waitrose yesterday to buy 3 more bottles.

3. We woke on Saturday to find the crocuses had started to peek through the lawn. Spring is a little early. According to the UK Met Office spring starts in March, April and finishes in May. I'm not going to complain though - it's lovely to see the garden turning green, and purple, again.
4. The garden path is finally finished. Well done N! My involvement = coffee making. Marvellous. Time to plan what plants and vegetables we're going to grow.
5. The not-so-nice silver tabby using our veranda roof to check out the bay tree inhabitants.
6. And finally, a sweet potato which I think looks a little bit like a seal...what do you think?
Ta ta for now.

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