Sunday, 10 February 2008


I'm back. Had such a fantastic time. It was so great to catch up with my sister and be able to offer her the sanctity of a hotel room (and bath!). We walked and talked and ate and drank our way around Lyon 'til our feet hurt and we could eat no more. And boy, did we sleep soundly despite staying in a rather unsavoury area of Lyon (thanks much for the 3 stars).
I do love French architecture. In the same moment the buildings are both majestic and romantic. They ooze history - be it love trysts or the conspiratoral French Resistance of the 40's.
I also love the shops - not necessarily what they sell, but how they sell and how they package everything. It's something that has long disappeared over here. We had breakfast in an adorable patisserie before I left for the airport. Hot chocolate and pain au chocolat. The family had been running it since 1914 and they had the most perfect cakes I've ever seen. We sat there drooling over them for a while before managing to tear ourselves away.
One of my favourite spots in Lyon was the hypnotic low running waterfall along the river. So calming - I would have liked to people watch all day.
And something to giggle at - we went to the silk district to track down a silk workshop. Mission accomplished but we left empty handed. As we made our way back to the Metro, we passed this ...
What you can't see is that behind the posters on the left of the shop front is a grumpy looking poodle waiting his turn. Brilliant.

Bonne nuit.

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