Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Lyon here I come

I am so excited - am getting ready to go visit my sister in Lyon. She's out there with university for a year and is, so far, having a rotten old time. She's going to come and crash with me in the hotel so that she can have a little luxury for 2 nights. We haven't seen each other since Christmas - and even then it was short and sweet. Time to spend some quality time together. So looking forward. Have had such a rubbish week that I can't wait to get on that plane.

It wasn't all rotten though. Our friends came round for pancakes yesterday. Us girls sat in the sitting room waiting for the boys to make the goods. British pancakes (thanks Nigella!) to start - savoury with ham, parmesan and salad, followed by American pancakes for the sweet course. Was soooo pancaked out by bedtime.

Will report back about Lyon, totally stuffed from having over-indulged in pain au chocolat and beaujolais, on Sunday.

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