Thursday, 20 March 2008

Didn't even get past go.

I am so pleased with the tulips that I bought on Monday. Aren't they stunning? Much needed colour for such a grotty, drizzly day.
Small hiccup with the sewing plans. I got my new sewing machine up and running to finish my tablecloth (and start endless other projects). I even read the manual.
Disaster. The feed-dog has dropped and I just can't lift it. Try as I may, it just isn't happening. I then proceeded to waste a couple of hours surfing for help online. Fruitless. It will be accompanying us back to my parents tomorrow when we go to stock up with plants for the garden. As it's her old machine, hopefully she'll have some advice...

So, to get me back on my domesticity track, I baked a chocolate cake. I was given Donna Hay's chocolate recipe book for Christmas and have been meaning to try one of her cake recipes for ages. Here's how it should look like - note the bowl has been well and truly licked...
And here it is straight out of the oven...
Huge chasms appeared but I've now covered it with fudge icing. If it stays around long enough, I may even manage to get a photo of the finished product. Fingers crossed it will taste as good as it looks!

Right - off to cook the husband's dinner. Gosh - I'll be spring cleaning before you know it!

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