Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Sun, screen printing and self

Finally - I have found some time to pop up a post. We've had a fantastic couple of weeks - Berlin, blue ray, blue skies, Blue, bolognaise, buddies and brilliant fun at the local scout fair on Sunday (including a dog show and the puppy next door called Archie).

And it gets better - I have just got back from spending 3 hours screen printing = bliss. I love the result but, being so impatient, I dislike the cleaning up, waiting for the inks to dry and the fact that the stencils can't be reused. The textile course is starting to include stitch which is great fun. It's just finding the time to do the homework!

So most of this evening was spent cutting circles for the stencil...but hey, I'm happy. Take note of the great linen! ; )

Must remember to cut out templates before next Tuesday!

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