Thursday, 24 July 2008

Waterloo, I'm feeling blue...

I've had a blue ol' day. Feeling blue and being blue. Having had a poor night's sleep, I wasn't in the brightest of moods. I realised in the lift at work that I was head to knee (not toe) in blue - blue dress and blue cardy. To cheer myself up, I went downstairs to make myself a nice cup of tea (as nice as it could be in a paper cup) and marched off to buy a packet of blue McVities mini hobnobs. I must have looked blue because the lovely guy in the canteen gave them to me for free. What a true blue hero. It swiftly brought a smile to my long face. The sun outside was a beautiful summer day blue. So I popped out for lunch with Miss C. Whilst surfing the web, I had a peek at Dulux who were also having a blue day complete with a blue hydrangea which made me think warmly of this post over at Yarnstorm. The nearest Dulux blue to the London skyline today had to be Holiday Blues 4. The afternoon dragged, surrounded by the blue of Microsoft Windows. On the blue South West train home, whilst swotting up on my Italian, I realised that there were 6 men wearing blue shirts.

Maybe it's just a blue ol' week.

Monday - finished The Colour by Rose Tremain which featured blue blancmange
Tuesday - to Howies on Carnaby Street to try on some blue jeans (I appear to be a size 15. Useful)
Wednesday - lots of love from Blue and a bowlful of blueberries
Thursday - see above...
Friday - let's wait and see. I'm off to Borough market...
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  1. wonderful post! hope you're back to feeling in the pink soon! t.x