Thursday, 31 July 2008

Pretty in pink

I'm back to my old self and as a thank you to Kitschen Pink's comment last week when I was feeling blue, here is a shot of one of our beautiful sweetpeas which have finally come out to say hello. They have flowered against all odds - having survived the squirrels digging up the new little shoots, they were then subjected to Blue and his friends leaning, collapsing and rubbing against them every time they passed. Suffice to say only 1/3 of the plants survived, but those that did smell truly divine.

I concluded last week that what I need is a holiday. Whilst I've had lots of weekends away this year, I haven't actually had a proper holiday since our honeymoon last year. And as luck would have it, we have a trip coming up and I cannot wait. Batteries will be recharged, creativity renewed and a much calmer me rediscovered. In fact, it's not just a trip - Miss C and Mr R will be getting married which is all just too exciting.

1 comment:

  1. Aw, you're a sweetie!
    So, not just a holiday but an excuse to get a new frock, new shoes and an ostentatious hat! or at the very least an excuse for some serious window shopping with intent! Enjoy! t.x