Thursday, 14 August 2008


This is a surprise for a certain person we're seeing tomorrow for his birthday dinner. I haven't picked up my watercolours to do a picture like this for years, so it's a bit rough and ready around the edges. I have to confess that it isn't my own composition - I did a quick search on Flickr to find pictures of Appledore - a little village in Devon where my parents have holidayed in a little cottage for the last two years - and stumbled across this lovely photo of Appledore Estuary. I do have to point out that the mounting is pretty horrific as it is only meant as a stand in to save wrapping a piece of paper... To be perfectly honest, I whizzed to Tottenham Court Road after work today to pick up a frame from Habitat (which is now going back!), and then nipped into Cargo on my way home where I picked this one up with a mount in it already and 20% off. Marvellous. Naturally, I didn't think to produce a picture of a standard size because that would be too easy so had to do a bit of patching with some paper and an additional mount from a picture I was given at my hen do last year. As you do.

I hope he likes it!
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