Thursday, 18 September 2008

Duvet day

My bug got the better of me yesterday. I had to admit defeat and stay at home and rest. So, faced with a chilly world outside, I set about eating some healthy food - muesli for breakfast, Mr M's garlic and potato soup for lunch, and a lovely tray of tea (the ham salad pitta is a bit of a cheat as I had that for dinner this evening, and needed a fourth photo...).

I did sneak outside, cocooned in my pashmina, to play with Grey and took a couple of snaps of the final flowers in the garden. The sedum is quite simply looking magnificent. The nasturtium have crept back into the garden to take over the bed at the end, a tiny little button squash had a growth spurt whilst we were in France and the 'hot chocolate' rose looks lush (still needs to be planted out) - an anniversary present from Mr M.

I am feeling much better today after my day of rest - hope you do too, Grandpa. Get well soon. xxx

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