Tuesday, 16 September 2008

The devil's in the detail

Or rather, we tried with the detail (new fuse for the kettle) only to discover that that didn't cut the mustard (kettle didn't work post new fuse). So we shall be boiling water on the hob until we can get to John Lewis on Saturday, armed with some vouchers, to pick up a new one.

News from the suburbs -
  • I am rather exhausted from being poorly. So bored of snot and legs made of lead. I have antibiotics on standby. Not enjoying work doesn't help.
  • My domestic novicity (?) has kicked in post holiday. Mr M cooked a mighty fine roast chicken on Sunday, and I turned the leftovers into a pie with leek, bacon and mash potato last night. And this evening we had a scrumptious ham, artichoke and mushroom pasta dish using up more leftovers in the fridge. Brilliant. This is the first month that Mr M won't be getting any sort of salary so we're trying to be uber-diligent. I'm quite looking forward to it - we're going to have meals planned and cheap ones at that. We're certainly not frivolous, but we can be lazy and wind up buying food every day which really adds up. Bring on the challenge! I might even keep a tally of cost...hmmmm...
  • The City is all doom and gloom following the collapse of Lehman. Absolutely horrific for those who have lost their jobs - it's easy to forget that the majority of staff, like me, don't earn the millions in bonuses and salaries each year and drive fast cars as screamed about by the press. Of course, there are those who do, but they are seriously in the minority. We probably have less than 30 out of an organisation of 2,500. Doesn't make it right, and yes, it's this greed that has got us into this situation. But it is what it is. And, there is a part of me that wonders whether the media will lead us down the road to recession rather sooner than expected by stirring up a storm. Oh - that became quite a rant. Sorry.
  • I am loving 'Under the Tuscan sun' by Frances Mayes. I struggled to read anything on holiday because I felt so yucky, but am pleased to report that since returning have picked this delectable book back up, and am relishing every paragraph.
  • Got the latest Marie Claire Idees mag in Avignon. Heaven. Have even started to translate some bits and bobs. Sas - if you're reading, subscription for Christmas, s'il vous plait.
  • I'm quite enjoying Autumn. I'm so looking forward to experimenting with different soups. Ssshhh - don't tell anyone as they all feel robbed by the summer. Point to note, said people obviously didn't travel on the tube during said summer months...
  • Milka with rice crispies rocks. Yum yum.


  1. I'm with you on Autumn - I'm ready for it and delighted to be digging out woolies and being able to go into the garden without all that faffing with sunscreen and hats! Hurrah! I have FINALLY responded to your tag! So sorry for having taken so long. And I cheated a bit - honestly - you don't want to know. :-) t.xxx

  2. Hope you're feeling much better. I bought my first copy of MC Idees in Paris recently and was impressed. The next issue looks good, too. Have a good weekend.

  3. Feeling so much better - thank you. I have been a fan of MC Idees for yonks. How fabulous to pick it up in Paris - hope you managed to get to the fabric district and pick up some of the amazing French linen ribbon.

    T - Just checked out your post and it made me smile. Will nip over a post a proper comment next.