Monday, 1 September 2008

Seeing red

I have been rather absent from the land of Web 2.0 recently thanks to some rather nasty person who decided to hack into my Gmail account and use it to send spam to all of my contacts. Not only am I livid, but the feeling of vulnerability has enveloped me somewhat. Mr M has, as always, been my hero and put my beloved laptop through its paces. It has been checked thoroughly for viruses, bugs, bots and the like. Passwords have been changed and are more cryptic than kryptonite.

There was one lovely thing waiting for me when I got back online, Love those cupcakes has rather excitingly tagged me on the 'Six quirky things about me' post which I shall ponder on and pop up tomorrow. Much more exciting than working!
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  1. only you could turn something so beastly into a beautiful picture! glad you're back! t.x