Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Knit one, purl one, eat one...

The tidy-the-flat-athon (TTFA as it shall now be known) unearthed piles upon piles of yarn which are taking up way too much space and are just asking to be turned into something lovely.

I don't know about you but I often feel that when it comes to anything creative, I harbour a huge amount of guilt when it comes to setting aside 'me' time to settle down and play. There are always a million other things I should be getting on with - chores, phone calls, emails, dinner, books to read (to reduce another huge pile - have you clocked the theme yet?)...

Confronted with said yarn pile, and an increasing lack of floor space, this guilt has been roughly pushed to one side. I have taken it upon myself to knit our way out of the mess. So, I have started to play about with different stitches for a present that I am working on. Armed with my 1972 Mon Tricot 'Knitting Dictionary', with 1030 stitches no less, some size 4's and a pile of Debbie Bliss DK, I have set forth. Now, I have to confess that I am a very basic knitter and the very thought of cables sends me running to the Yellow Pages for an electrician - but I have really enjoyed experimenting. Stacking up the samples is really quite addictive. There are some great names - Andalusian, hunters, ant egg, St. John's wort. I shall introduce you to them as I increase my pile (which will then be turned into something useful!).

And, as it's such a treat to be knitting again, I thought I'd treat myself to something else...K1, P1, E1, K1, P1, E1 - practically inhaled the thing.


  1. If I tried that I'd have the stickiest knitting ever!

  2. i will take the eat one part!!!!! knitting is not my cup of tea! hummm tea. sounds much better than a presidential debate!