Monday, 10 November 2008

Keep calm and craft on

What awful weather we've had today. I had very wet feet by the time I made it to the City to meet my solicitor and then on the way home my umbrella decided to turn inside out, finally giving in to a big whoosh of wind. It was at the point that I threw in the towel (ha - wishful thinking) and nipped into the little Italian restaurant opposite the station for their speedy lunch - a small spaghetti bolognaise washed down with a mighty fine Peroni. From my little table I indulged in a spot of people watching (Mr M calls it 'people staring', I like to think I'm a bit more subtle). Despite the rain, the usual characters were out and about. Old Mrs C on her bike with a determined look in her eye, the distinguished gentleman who is always in a 3 piece suit whatever the weather, the young mother herding her little charges as though they were little ducklings skidding across a pond.

With my hunger pangs satisfied, I headed home to a pile of washing up and, more excitingly, the new India Knight book - The Thrift Book, an incredibly thoughtful present from my folks at the weekend and the new Sew Hip magazine which is edited by Manda of Tree Fall Design (I was amazed that my newsagents had it. If they were to stock Marie Claire Idees they would have my custom for life). What I love about both of them is that they really love blogs. India Knight has a fantastic style of writing and Sew Hip is refreshing - I'm looking forward to the next issue but no more needle cases, two in one issue is quite enough! I might have to make the mini cat this week...

I'm going to try and stick to my new mantra - keep calm and craft on!
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  1. Ah, my favourite occupation, people watching. I heard an interview with India Knight on Radio 4 last week and the book did sound interesting. I also bought a copy of Sew Hip. Don't know why. I can't sew for toffee.

  2. So it's not just me when it comes to people watching! I've really enjoyed India Knight's book. It does look a little copy heavy, but I've been absorbed and have whizzed through it. Although I do have rather a lot of time on my hands... C x