Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Perfect pancake day!

I love pancakes. But, and this is a bit of a big 'but', I didn't just want to eat pancakes for the sake of it. In the past we've inhaled piles of pancakes post dinner just for the sake of eating pancakes - and after the 3rd they become a bit bland. Ding went the light bulb this morning as we were discussing dinner. We would make enough batter for 8 pancakes and split them evenly between savoury and sweet.

Savoury - bacon, mushroom, garlic, bechamel sauce and Gruyere cheese.
Sweet - scoops of caramel ice cream.
The result? The best pancake day ever!


  1. Yum...they look delicious!
    Am about to do a pancake dinner here too...

  2. Ooh, savoury the sweet is such a great plan. I usually serve salad as a main so we can stuff ourselves with pancakes afterwards. Caramel ice cream is such a good idea...might have to steal that one!

  3. Your bacon,mushroom and cheese pancake is making me hungry!
    Bertie x

  4. They were scrummy - I have to confess that they didn't last long after the photo was taken... Hope you all enjoyed yours! We'll definitely be doing pancakes like that again!