Monday, 2 February 2009

Winter wonderland

Childishly excited - we watched the snow fall in the yellow light last night with our grubby noses pressed to the glass and woke up to this.
Any thoughts I'd had of making my 9:30 appointment in Central London were quickly lost when I turned on BBC1 Breakfast - no trains, buses or tube. All systems down. Curses for trying to be clever and buying my travel card a day early. So, with the email cancelling said appointment sent, smart clothes were replaced with jeans and warm layers and we were ready to hit the garden. The snow was 'over the boot' deep - which is unheard of. And brilliant. I spent rather a lot of time laughing at one of the cats wading across the garden. I laughed even more as she walked past our back door flashing some rather unfortunate snow clumps attached to her furry derriere. Mr M refused to make a snow angel so we cleared the snow off the veranda and bird feeders, and had a brief snow fight.

Well, it would have been rude not to.
Still soggy round the edges, I braved the big white world to get provisions - bright white snow until I got to the main road and discovered the sludge. Yuck. With provisions bagged, I made my way home. There's a park at the end of our road so I took a slight detour to take in the snowy scene - children being pulled on sledges, dogs chasing snowballs, family groups out for a stroll, a snowman army in the making - it was just like The Snowman by Helen Bradley. Oh, to be Miss Carter. What a holiday feel. It should be declared National Snow Day. Apparently it's the most snow we've seen down here for 18 years.
Happy snowday!

To quote Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, on the London roads and bus situation - "We gritted, we grat, we grut." It made me snort with laughter!!


  1. thats a lovely garden pic - happy snow day to you too
    lisa x

  2. The trees look so magical in the picture - you can almost forgive them for the 7 months of raking that we have do each year! Hope you enjoyed the snow too!