Tuesday, 3 February 2009

No. 5 (oh, so pretty!)

Ooo - I do like corsages. My favourite is a fabulous bright pink flower by Lynsey Walters and my latest is by Jessica Preston in berry and claret - perfect for Winter. They can really make an outfit and they seem to be something that people always notice. So, I am really excited about this week's project - a pretty corsage. It was very easy to make, used up some fabric scraps I had and only took an hour or so to do. I'm so pleased with it, that I thought I would turn it into my first tutorial. The only problem is that I can't fathom out how to get pdfs onto Blogger. So, I've improvised...
Hopefully you'll be able to view to them, but let me know if you can't. Would love to hear what you think!


  1. Oh lovely, I'll have a go at making that. Thank you for sharing.
    Bertie x.

  2. Well now, you have inspired me to have a go at making a corsage :: not something I yet own or have ever made, I wonder why not?!
    I adore Lynsey Walters stuff, very scrummy indeed.

  3. Ooo - do let me know when you've made them, would love to see! : )