Wednesday, 4 March 2009


March seems to bring with it an air of newness. Longer days, greener gardens, salad rather than soup, fruit juice instead of hot chocolate and the reminder that summer isn't too far away.

New pencils to inspire.
New signs of life on the kitchen windowsill. Clockwise from top left; Okra, pea, purple kohl rabi and yellow mangetout.

New structures. A new summerhouse/workshop for Mr M. Thank you Grandpa and Mr M Senior! It was finally constructed on Saturday having survived February leaning against the fence. It won't be bright orange for long - the tester pots are ready and waiting for the weekend.


  1. March is good, I love it too especially since it is light in the morning and light at tea time again!

    Nina x

  2. I am liking March so much already. It was raining cats and dogs here last night, but today it was dry and trying desperately to be sunny. I even dared to wear skin coloured tights and a new pink top this morning, just to rid myself of thick wooly tights and boring dark jumpers.

    I love your new summerhouse. What do you plan to use it for? There are so many possibilities!

  3. You're so on top of your planting, I haven't even managed to clear the garden yet. Oops!

    What a nice summerhouse/get-away. It'll be a great place to hide and watch the garden. Want!