Tuesday, 3 March 2009

No. 8 (at last)

I'm still playing catch up following my course the other week which is the excuse I'm sticking to for my projects being ignored recently. We have fallen into the trap of catching up over a bottle of wine most nights - which whilst productive for the mind, isn't for the hands. Half a baby cardigan sits looking rather dejected in my knitting bag - and that's just the tip of my knitting bag iceberg.
To get the ball rolling again, here is project No. 8 - a bead and hemp necklace.
Quick and therapeutic. Small enough to not feel as though I'm deserting the big job hunt, but big enough to feel thoroughly satisfied at the end of the task. The project is from Erika Knight's Beads and buttons book. It's full of beautiful projects, photos and - best of all - illustrations showing you exactly how to thread, knot and finish. I have a feeling that I may be making a few more of these - I have squillions of beads and this necklace only used up twelve of them!