Thursday, 19 March 2009


Good morning. The sun is out again - making the dew on the lawn glisten and filling the flat with yellow cheer - what joy! In fact, it's been quite a yellow week. I found this wonderful Hornsea mug by John Clappison in a local charity shop for just 50p. It's part of his newsprint/horoscope range and the typography on it is simply stunning. The walrus makes me smile with each sip of tea.

Our little forsythia, one of Mr M's favourite plants, has flowered for the first time and I spotted our first daisy this morning.

My little gold lace primula from my little adventure the other week has been flowering contentedly in the sun, unfurling her to petals to reveal little cups filled with a golden yellow hue.

And the yellow-orange of Mr M's workshop is no more. The unveiling is long overdue - so without further ado here it is looking mighty fine with its first coat of willow.

The colour choice was spot on. The second coat will go on at the weekend. And apparently the sun is going to hold until Monday. Hoorah!


  1. The summer house is looking lovely! It's such a nice colour. x

  2. Such lovely flowery goodness. The workshop is lookig great, I do love the colour you chose.
    Bertie x

  3. Oh, what a cute little building! That's a lovely shade of green.

    Sweetfern Handmade

  4. Top shed! Or is Mr M insulted by that term? Whatever we're calling it - it looks very handsome in that colour.

  5. Thank you! So pleased with it. Love the shed comment - I do get corrected when I accidentally refer to it as a shed...bless him. ;)

  6. Lovely colour choice, exactly what I'd go for, it's beautiful, and that colour seems to go perfectly in gardens, doesn't it? And thet Auricula! Gorgeous! I love Auriculas, they're extraordinary flowers.
    Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)