Sunday, 5 April 2009

Green fingers

What a sunny weekend! Isn't it a joy when it feels as though the sun is warming you from the inside out. We've had a jolly old time pottering about outside. First stop was a trip down to Wiltshire to visit my Grandpa and help out in the garden along with the rest of the family. I did my share of weeding, but truth be told spent most of the time photographing the pretty plants that are growing in abundance. He has a wonderful display of Hellebores and I was lucky enough to take one away with me. Isn't she pretty?And today was spent spring cleaning and tidying up the garden. Mr M planted out the peas and broad beans whilst I weeded (and took photos - it's become an addiction) and found a sheltered spot for my new acquisition.
And we had a little help from a certain someone who was also enjoying the sun in one of Mr M's raised beds...
Hope you got to enjoy the sun too!


  1. Beautiful flowers! I'm addicted to photographing them, too.

  2. gorgeous flowers , love that last pic :-)
    lisa x

  3. What a happy beautiful post...what a lovely mosaic of flowers!!!

  4. How do you all those photos up in that grid? It looks wicked! Love the picture of your cat in the soil box!! Very cute!!!