Friday, 3 April 2009

What a week!

And I'm still loving it. Still got the mug. My brain is ticking and I feel more alert than I have for such a long time. Although that could be slightly disputed post team drinks this afternoon. Ahem.

The early starts have been rather a shock to the old system and, quite frankly, the extensive use of brain cells have completely worn me out. So, not much time for anything creative this week. Although today might count. I did something rather exciting. Something I've always wanted to do. I delivered a certain something to the Royal Academy at lunchtime for the Summer Exhibition and dodged the BBC cameras. Eeeek!

Want a sneaky peek?
Roll on May when I find out whether it's been accepted...if it is, I'll reveal all! Fingers and toes crossed.

Thank you for your lovely comments this week.

Have a great weekend. x


  1. Delivering artwork to the Royal Academy! I am deeply impressed.

    I know that following question will show how shallow I am - but WHAT does one wear in this situation to show how artistic one is?

  2. All fingers crossed over here for the Royal Academy. That's just so impressive and amazing, I'm in awe.

  3. Beautiful.
    Enjoy your weekend x

  4. How exciting! I think it just might count as a creative thing!!

  5. Thank you but anyone can have a go! Nothing ventured, nothing gained...?

    And Mrs M - good question! I was modelling the latest catwalk style for Spring 09 of hot and bothered in work gear a la H&M on a dash during my lunch break. There were one or two who looked a bit 'arty' around the edges. Two camps - Toast/hobo with depth/crust and boys in girls jeans. Just a little intimidating! I'm so uncool. x