Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Last light

One of the most immediate things that I've noticed after Day 2, is the lack of light by the time I get home. Upsetting because my beautiful camellia that Mr M bought me last year finally flowered today - Mr M has gallantly fended off the demon squirrels with the aid of soap shavings and dried chilli (touch wood, it appears to work). So when I got home this evening, I ran outside and took a few snaps (you can't guarantee that that flower will still be there on Saturday with our pesky squirrels) as the light dimmed. She is far richer in colour than the photo suggests.
My camera has been loitering at the bottom of my bag in the hope that I will get a chance to nip into Regents Park but alas no luck so far. You shall have to make do with the snaps from this evening.
Have been busy, busy, busy and have just about managed a 10 minute sprint over the road to Pret. Guessing I'll get into the swing of things by next week. The office is in an amazing townhouse complete with black iron railings and flower beds packed with hellebore's and flowering elephant ears - I'm wildly excited that you can open the windows (couldn't do that in the City, they were bomb proof), that the meeting rooms still have their original cornicing and fireplaces - albeit with huge plasma screens where ornate mirrors would have hung and that there are keys to one of those private London 'square' gardens. It's such a joy. Long may it last.
At least until Friday.


p.s. I even have a mug!


  1. Go girl! A mug! What more could any busy executive desire?

  2. Your camellia is so beautiful! Must remember about the dried chilli: what a super idea...

    And your new job sounds wonderful! I'm sure things will settle down soon, leaving a bit more time for a walk in the park...

    K x

  3. Indeed! I think my executive desires are complete. Maybe just one more trip to the stationery cupboard...

    Do try the chilli combined with the soap - last year our garden was destroyed by squirrels and this year they seem to be giving it a wide berth.

  4. Sounds like your new job is perfect for you, near the park, flowers, good rooms, and your very own mug!

    Ah, squirrels are pesky blighters, they pretty much ruined our gardening prospects last year. A friend told us about the chili in time to rescue a few tomatoes, but this year we're getting hardcore, we've got the cat!

  5. Have just found your blog and it is lovely - you don't appear to be a "Novice" at all x

  6. You know you've hit the big time when they give you a mug!