Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Day four - Surrey

Gosh - it's only Tuesday. How wonderful.

Today we hopped on the A3 down to Wisley. Mr M spends rather a lot of time at Wisley, thanks in part to his RHS membership and to the fact that he works 5 minutes away. I, on the other hand, don't - and have only been there twice. We spent a marvellous morning ambling around, oo-ing at the redcurrants, and ah-ing at the deep purple borders. Mr M wanted to show me a particular tree, so off we marched. Having seen said tree and oo-ed appropriately, we spied a badgers set (thanks to the helpful RHS sign...). As we were waiting patiently for said badgers, we spotted something that not even Mr M had ever seen. Wisley's trial gardens. Oh my goodness - their landing strip of delphiniums was absolutely stunning.
So off we marched and as I took my 2nd snap, my camera battery rudely ran out. Having walked the length and breadth of the strips, we meandered to the vegetable gardens and orchard, and then made our way to the restaurant. Our mission was to get a table and eat delightful food that wasn't wrapped in plastic. And we succeeded. No queuing required at all. Air dried ham with baby leaves and new potatoes for me, followed by cheddar and cherry tomato quiche and strawberry pavlova. Mr M had a delightful mint and yellow pea soup, followed by salmon for main and a truly winning slice of gooseberry and elderflower cheesecake.
Joyously stuffed, we pootled back home to run some party errands. Most things have been ticked off the list, so it's just tidying (aka - stuffing things down into the cellar for a day or two) left to do.

Looking forward to Day 5!


  1. It just keeps getting better! We've been to Wisley a few times but never eaten at the restaurant. Sounds like we've been missing out. K x

  2. I really want to go there, my mum has been but the price sort of puts me off...

  3. new to your blog... how do you do your photo blocks, that's too cool!