Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The Big Apple - help!

So, Mr M's biggest birthday surprise was a trip to New York. To be honest, by the time he gave me the envelope, I was already in major sensory overload from everything else that was going on that it took rather a while to sink in. As you can imagine, I am ridiculously excited (and highly amused that my birthday could be dragged out even more!). It will be our first time East side, as it were, and we'll be staying on Madison Ave. It's proving quite difficult to figure out what to do. I'd like to go to Purl and Anthropologie. Oh, and swing by MOMA and the Guggenheim as well as a few of the usual sights like Rockefeller and the ferry around the Statue of Liberty - and according to Mr M, we'll be going to see the USS Intrepid.

We'll be there for five days.

I'm hoping you can help. What would you recommend?


  1. Five days of bliss, you lucky thing. I got lots of tips when I went - feel free to use 'em. And ABC Carpet and Home was worth a visit.


    Is that husband of yours for real? I would like him to give birthday celebration coaching seminars to other husbands. Really.

  2. Completely agree with Ali re her tips and birthday celebration coaching seminars! K x

  3. I would recommend that you take me with you.

  4. Ha ha! Like the girl's comment! Happy Birthday if I haven't said it yet! New York New York - what a wonderful present - make sure you eat ALOT! American candy rocks! I should know having grown up there...

  5. Gosh, I'm so jealous. I love NY and try to go every few years (especially if you can call it "research" and get someone else to pay!) but things this year are too busy. I'll have to love through you when you get back.

    I love Brooklyn, it's definitely worth a stroll around to take in the bakeries. Also the Met museum is one of my favourite places. Strand books is amazing, and you can get lost in their stacks.

    Greenwich has some great cafes and little vintage shops, the Bronx Zoo was also a highlight last time I went (Wednesday is free day if I remember rightly, and might be packed with school kids, but it's worth it to save the cash and stroll in the shade)

    Union Square has a good farmer's market (Saturday maybe, I forget) which is full of lovely produce.

    Oh dear, I could go on and on!

  6. I have a couple of decent guide books you're welcome to have, will share them over our next pizza. When are you off? xx

  7. If you enjoy people-watching, go to City Hall and watch the couples getting married! Well, you can't see the actual ceremonies, but you can park yourself in the ante-room and watch them all waiting nervously beforehand and then see them come out, having photos taken, etc etc. It's excellent fun if you like to sit back and watch the world!
    Hubby & I spent a month living in NYC last May and had a fab time; we love the city so much we even got married there (although not at City Hall!) We really enjoy just wandering round Greenwich Village, and also the Upper West Side, both of which have fab shops, cafes, restaurants, etc. Alice's Tea Cup is well worth a visit for tea and cake - there are 3 locations, check out their website.
    Hope you have a fab time!

  8. good grief, your birthday is obscene. What will you do for him? Take him to the moon?