Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Still here.

Just busy, busy, busy. Thank you for your NY tips - they made me smile. He does indeed exist and is willing to run birthday celebration coaching seminars for other husbands. And yes, the reservation for the moon has been made.


  1. Its this time of year - everyone is so active!

  2. Glad to log on and find your post. I can't remember how I happened upon your blog but I'm glad I did. Your birthday sounded amazing. It's lovely to read about someone choosing a lovely husband. Men get such bad press as does marriage. We've been married 20 years this year ,which is a strange concept as I'm still waiting to grow up despite two teenaged children! and it's just as brilliant as ever. So, enjoy your life and have a FAB time in America ! Penny Lxx

  3. Thanks Penny, and welcome! What a lovely comment and I so agree. I hope our next 20 years ago are as wonderful. : )