Sunday, 23 August 2009

Cheesecake take two

Friends for lunch, celebrations to toast, holidays to reminisce and a baby to jiggle. What better excuse for another go at the cheesecake. This time the digestives were replaced with ginger nuts and the fresh raspberries were joined by the blackberry coulis that I made last weekend.

Rustled up in less than an hour before everyone arrived - the kitchen was full of flap. The mixture didn't seem quite as much as the first one (recipe frantically read and re-read again to check that I hadn't forgotten anything), thrown in the oven on too high a shelf so that it started to form big bubbles on one side and then whipped out before the sour cream had completely set, it's amazing that it managed to get through the entire process in one piece. Luckily, the fruit piled on top hid a multitude of sins and it seemed to be a hit.

The jury is out on the digestive v ginger nut base - I'm not sure about the latter, although Mr M preferred it. I think a mix of the two might be interesting.


  1. That looks so delicious. It would definitely be a hit if I was around. I'm a digestives purist myself, but that said, I add ground ginger. I think the texture of the digestives is better, but I like the flavour of the ginger with it. Best of both worlds?

  2. In America, we most often use graham crackers for the base. Maybe worth trying as a third option? K x