Sunday, 2 August 2009

Picnics, parks and prickles

What patchy weather we're having at the moment! Talk about the art of layering 'just in case' - it's all a bit ridiculous when the waterproofs and brolly sit alongside the sunglasses and suncream in the handbag.

A little bit of drizzle wasn't going to dampen our spirits this weekend because we were going on a picnic. Laden down with goodies we were taken across the river by the ferryman for £1 and then it was best foot, or rather feet, forward to Hampton Court Palace. Past hedgerows of elderberries, thistles and blackberries, and a herd of majestic deer in the park.

By the time we made it to our destination, the weight of the beer and bounty had somehow doubled and we were rather relieved to find a secluded spot on the lawn to spread out the blanket and sample our wares. Picnics in waterproofs with sunglasses on are always amusing, particularly when there is a beer to hand.

We realised a little too late that we were too full and had run out of time to start exploring the gardens - so after a quick pit stop at the cafe, we rather lazily got the train back home.

Now for the prickles - not our resident hedgehog, but Mr M's marvellous aubergines! They're such funny plants - they seem to be thoroughly enjoying the weather, as do his courgettes.

Ooh - and I've just thought of another p from the weekend - poppadoms. What better way to finish a dreary Saturday than with a heart warming curry.


  1. Very cute little post - I loved the way you rounded it all up at the end with the Poppadoms! The weather really needs to make up its mind hey?! I keep finding myself caught out! xxx

  2. Wow - great share here & love the photos.

  3. Very impressed with your aubergines. We tried them last year and had no luck at all! K x