Tuesday, 8 September 2009

J is for jam-packed

1. A lovely jaunt. We spent a wonderful day down in Wiltshire yesterday with my grandpa visiting Stourhead (Well spotted, Bubble Fish!). Being pretty new National Trust members, we're always keen to use our membership cards - albeit paper jobs which I'm convinced will one day blow away. Grandpa on the other hand has been a lifetime member for many a year and his membership card is in a mighty fine faux leather case, complete with state of the art Dymo card number - nice and sturdy. After a warming lunch in the restaurant, we set off on the circuit around the grounds, through the grotto, over the bridge, past the pub and back up to the top for a well-earned cup of coffee and a sit down. We certainly slept well last night thanks to all that country air.

2. Breakfast with Julien. Actually, it was at Chez Julien with Mr M - but Julien was there and made me a very nice hot chocolate. We do like this little deli - they have such scrummy French nosh - but like so many little businesses they have been hit hard by everyone, including us, tightening their purse strings. This morning was a lovely treat, as were the Toulouse sausages for dinner. I really do hope they survive this.

3. An afternoon of je ne c'est quoi and jolly colours.
We have taken this week as holiday and it couldn't have come at a better time. We decided to stay at home and indulge in the things that we don't often find the time to do - leisurely breakfasts together, day trips, guilt-free time spent on hobbies, cafetiere coffee...that sort of thing. I had a go at capturing the dahlias which are still going strong.
I'd forgotten how therapeutic sketching in the garden with a fresh cup of coffee can be. Tomorrow I'll hopefully be using those new scissors for a spot of sewing!

4. And finally, the lucky reader to receive The Dressmaker is...
Mr M took great delight in picking the name out of the measuring cup. Congratulations! I hope you like it as much as I did. It seems rather apt with a certain wedding on the horizon...


  1. Me? Win the lovely looking book? SQUEEEE! Thank you what a lovely treat and such a nice surprise. I never win anything. And such an appropriate book too. Once finished, I shall be passing on the booking sharing love from my blog! xxx

  2. Yay! I'm a new national trust member too! I joined when up "house hunting" with my parents. I haven't used it down here yet, but once we get N joined up too it'll be a jam-packed autumn of walks along crispy leaved lanes and beautiful grounds.

    I'm so pleased you're keeping up with the alphabet posts, I love checking in every day to see what you've found for the next letter! I wish I had the stamina and ability to do it myself one day...

  3. I am liking your painting, lovely. The a,b,c posts are working well too.
    The cookie recipe has been noted done also!

  4. I got a mention! Woo, I'm famous.. almost.

  5. That picture of the hot chocolate is so nice, makes me want to jump right in to it.

  6. The painting looks lovely, such a burst of colour.

  7. I love your painting. And breakfast with Julien looks mighty delish :) K x