Wednesday, 9 September 2009

K, k, k, kohl rabi

This year Mr M had some little white and purple kohl rabi plants that he couldn't squeeze into his veg beds, so we popped them into one of the flower beds to see how they would do. And they did rather well. In fact, they did better there than in the veg bed. I'm not so keen on them raw, but they roast up a treat.


  1. Lovely picture. Leeks do rather well in flower beds too, when you have too many to fit into the leek bed!

  2. Oh, I'd never thought to roast kohl rabi. I always grate mine to make coleslaw. I'll have to give roasting a try.

  3. are these a bit raddishy in texture? I vaguely recall my mum having something like this and adding it to salad...? xxx